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State Department: Provincial Government to stabilize the property prices will be ineffective accountability

All localities and departments to seriously implement the central regulation of the real estate market decisions and deployments, and achieved positive results. Current regulation of the real estate market is still at a critical period, price expectations have increased differentiation in the real estate market in different areas. To continue to do a good job regulating the real estate market this year to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market, agreed to by the State Council, relevant questions are hereby notified as follows:
, improve accountability system for stabilizing housing prices
implement provincial Governments assuming overall responsibility, city people's Government to implement the accountability system for stabilizing housing prices. Various municipalities, separately listed cities and provincial capitals (Lazard), in accordance with the principle of keeping prices basically stable, prepare local area annual new commodity housing (affordable housing is not included, the same below) price control targets and announced to the public in the first quarter. The provincial people's Governments should pay more attention to regional differences, strengthen the guidance. Housing is in short supply, prices rise too fast within the administrative area of cities, should guide the increase the effective supply of land for housing and housing, develop and communicate new housing price control target for the year; the housing glut of city, should also guide it to take effective measures to maintain market stability. To establish a sound and stable price evaluation and accountability systems, strengthening its supervision, assessment and accountability the work of the city. Relevant departments under the State Council to strengthen the work of the provincial people's Governments stabilize prices oversight and inspection. The implementation of housing purchases and differentiated housing credit and tax policy measures are not in place, prices rise too fast, to conduct interviews and accountability.
II, resolutely curb speculative investment purchase
continue to enforce housing restrictions. Restriction measures have been implemented by municipalities, separately listed cities and provincial capitals, in strict implementation of the State Council on doing well the real estate market regulation issued the notice on work-related issues (State (2011), 1th) based on further improvement of the existing home purchase. Limited purchased regional should cover city all administrative; limited purchased housing type should including all new commodity housing and second-hand housing; purchase qualification review link should Qian moved to signed purchase contract (subscription) Qian; on has 1 sets and the above housing of non-local household residents family, and cannot continuous provides must years local tax proved or social security paid proved of non-local household residents family, to suspended in this administrative within to its sale room. Contradiction of supply and demand of housing, larger cities upward pressure on House prices, stricter adjustments based on the requirements mentioned above restrictions; other cities House prices from rising too fast, the provincial people's Governments shall require the timely purchase of such measures. Regional housing and urban-rural construction, public security, civil affairs, taxation, human resources and social security departments should establish a clear division of labor, the coordinated audit mechanisms. To serious investigation limited purchased measures implementation in the of illegal violations behavior, on exists avoid housing limited purchased measures behavior of project, to ordered real estate development enterprise rectification; purchase people not has purchase qualification of, enterprise to and purchase people lifted contract; on abetting, and assist purchase people forged proved material, and cheat purchase qualification of intermediary institutions, to ordered its closed reorganization, and serious processing related responsibility people; plot serious of, to held party of legal responsibility.
continue to strictly implement differentiated housing credit policies. Banking institutions should further implement the first loan of down-payment and interest rate policies, strict implementation of the second (or more) of housing credit policies. We must strengthen the borrower's eligibility, strictly according to the provisions of family housing registration records and the borrowers ' credit records shall not lend to borrowers do not meet the credit policy violations. Banking regulators to strengthen the banking and financial institutions to implement differentiated housing credit policies of daily management and special inspection, for violations of the policy, to stop him in time, correct. City of prices rising too fast, the local branch of people's bank based on city people's Government new housing price control goals and policy requirements and further improve second homes the down payment percentage, and the loan interest rate of the loan.
give full play to the role of tax policy. Tax, housing and urban-rural construction departments should cooperate closely, according to regulations on the sale of owner-occupied dwellings should be levied on personal income tax, tax collection and management, housing registration history information to verify the original value of housing should be strictly according to the income from the transfer of 20% taxation according to law. Summarize the experience of individual housing property tax reform pilot city, accelerating the expansion work, guide reasonable housing consumption. Taxation departments should continue to promote the application of real estate price evaluation method strengthening tax collection and administration of inventory transactions.

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