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Ching Ming holiday fast free car market gradually heat

Ching Ming holidays coming, small cars on April 4 at 0 o'clock until 6th 24 o'clock Highway can once again enjoy the free policy, this is the last year of "11" since the highway's third "limit". Learned reporter visited, as the weather improves and the public's driving habit, does not water the past off-season rental market peak.
a number of people in the industry told reporters that the car rental industry in the past periodically is quite obvious, in June, July and August the rental rate is high, can reach about 70% to 80%. City of seasons, winter and spring season, relatively poor road conditions, combined with nearby attractions are also far from peak travel season, so rent a car rates are relatively low, generally less than 50%. However, recently the city's rental market is "Buck".
road store in China auto rental companies, more people are consulting the relevant car hire, car rental formalities or. Long rental cars, rental cars are also a minority. According to the company official Huang introduced, the company currently has about hundreds of vehicles, car rental rate of up to 60% per cent, "a year ago, car rental rates and the highest is 50%. "
car rental-business car-oriented by the public, usually for 7 and of the following vehicles, and time is generally short term furnished, many people have chosen to return April 6 or 7th. "The rental rate promotion, and Ching Ming holidays free about the highway. But because of the free-time only 3 days car rental rates and ' 11 ', compared to the two 7-day Spring Festival holiday, still less. "Mr Wong said.
some people rent a car only for ease of qingming tomb sweeping, more is going to visit places of interest around the city. After the previous two highway "limit", rent a holiday gradually accepted by the public, previously tasted "sweetness" is still driving plans, there are some new driving team. Public Wang bin said opportunites are also plans before, but never got to take place. Watching someone else drive holiday, heart itch, the April day, looking for friends with two people traveling.
this weekend and Ching Ming holidays would jisao peak travel time, such as the highway of the same connected cemetery, short-distance traffic may be relatively large. A self drive holiday plans of the public, may wish to calculate the travel time, wrong entry, exit the expressway, so as not to cause themselves and others travel inconvenience. Meanwhile, good service call 96369, available for traffic information or request assistance.

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