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Men take advantage of the crowded bus taking elderly granddaughter alarm 3 days after acceptance

Chen evening dad granddaughter from school, but a young man in the presence of elderly children forcibly taken away, old man fight to catch up will scare young men rescued the granddaughter, although children did not lose, but elderly people is also alarming. However, it wasn't until yesterday, Daddy Chan 3 days later, this thing is yellow crane Tower stations accepted.
4:45 P.M. on March 28, before and after the incident, speaking of things that Daddy still haunt Chen: "it's frightening, because police did not report on this two nights I fell asleep and his wife were awakened. "
PA Chen introduces his granddaughter is 9 years old, in the provincial experimental primary school in the third grade. Chen PA to pick up my granddaughter after school in the afternoon, at the school received a child by the back door in pengliuyangxilu, then taking the kids to the bus stop waiting for a bus across the street.
around 4:45 before and after waiting for two to sit the 541 bus station, old man pushed her first car show the old card and help the child pay by card. At this time, the car made a sudden sound making, someone shouted, "this is what, someone grab ya? "Daddy get back
Chen, found his granddaughter is ran by a man holding children while crying while kicking the man, Chen PA a shout," it's about! "Immediately rushed to flick gesture to man in the past.
the same day police encounter "jurisdiction" issues
old man desperately trying to catch up with, only running five or six meters caught up with each other. At this time, drew passers-by also began, the men look tough to leave their children to stop at the bus stop in front of a car and ran.
"when cars sat inside, plus grab ya man a total of 3 people. "Dad recalled CHAN, get off Rob children of youth is about more than 20 years old, standing about 1.7 metres, their driver's license plate number for the first few bits" e AUS9 ".
after the incident, Chen Daddy get grandchildren back home, very old man decided it would be after the alarm. "At about 6 o'clock in the evening, I told 110 ya hadn't been robbed, they make me go to the address where police station to register, but I call to address district police station, the other side and I went to the yellow crane Tower station alarm. "Thought it was late, the old man decided the next day to go to the police.
1:30 before and after noon the next day, father Chen rushed to the yellow crane Tower station, told police he was reported to the police the day before, wanted to make a record registration.
"window on the day police attitude just fine, going I went 2. "Daddy introduced Chen, he went after what had happened came out on the second floor, 2 floor, police investigators has yet to give him some notes. PA Chen said: "I asked several times, he meant cases of hand and more importantly, to do, to go so soon, before I found another civilian police officers to be interviewed. I find that when the police report, they said the police should still find the original. "
after alarm acceptance yesterday for the elderly, the elderly worried that such report is not on the police, call our information hotline for help to reporters. 3:30 P.M. yesterday, reporters accompanying the elderly and his son came to the yellow crane Tower station.
relatively smoother this time alarms for the elderly and a room on the 2 floor of the criminal investigation, police on duty received very active elderly, after a brief communication to provide the elderly with clearly written after. Police on duty on the merits are concerned, and judges may not be a simple case of child trafficking, the old man's son told police, may be related to my family owed loan sharks, but the loved ones I can not contact, often those who DUN-site intimidation, has now reached to tie ya up, I'm afraid will happen in the future.
yesterday at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, Chen his dad make a written report to the police on duty, and wrote in the record material for 3 consecutive days about the alarm, the police soon will input the computer, and said it will be up to reflect the merits. Afterwards, the old man said: "warning written material, reassuring me much! ” BACK

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