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Transport: focus on travel Charter bus passenger safety campaign action alerts

The province, and autonomous regions, and municipalities traffic transport Office (Council, and Board), and Police Office (Council), and tourism (Board), and safety supervision authority:
this year yilai, tourism tours passenger vehicles accident rendering high sent situation, in occurred of 14 up once death 10 people above of road traffic accident in the, has 4 up involved tourism tours passenger, to people life property caused has huge loss. For further implementation of the "road safety year" plans, resolutely curb major road traffic accident in particular tour momentum of the high incidence of serious road traffic accidents, Ministry of transport, Ministry of public security, national tourism administration, the State administration of safety supervision from July 15, 2012 to October 31, focus on Tourism Charter bus passenger safety campaign across the country. Now will about requirements notification following:
a, and height attention, quickly for mobilization deployment
recently occurred of several up tourism tours major road traffic accident, exposed out part tourism tours passenger enterprise safety subject responsibility not implementation, tourism tours business daily management chaos, vehicles technology status poor, driving people fatigue driving, and card as inconsistent, and Super range business, and travel agency illegal violations packages tourism vehicles, management sector on tours card of approval, and issued management not specification, problem. Around traffic transport, and police, and tourism, and security regulatory sector must to full awareness current strengthening road traffic security work of extreme importance and urgency, effective improve thought awareness, height attention, further enhanced responsible and sense, put concentrated carried out tourism tours passenger security special regulation action, as implement implementation Central, and State on strengthening safety of series arrangements deployment and State led important indicates spirit of actual initiatives, as carried out "road passenger security years" activities of important content, Rapidly developing practical programmes, detailed measures, clarify responsibilities, tight security, troubleshooting problems, strengthen tour passenger safety management.
II, further implement the tour passenger transport enterprises, travel agencies around the primary responsibility for safety
transport safety regulators for a joint, public security, tourism, travel companies, travel agencies to carry out a comprehensive rectification, and urge enterprises to implement the safety responsibility. Traffic transport sector to with police, and security regulatory sector urged enterprise established sound safety accountability, strengthening on enterprise security management personnel and practitioners of education training assessment, carried out safety self-examination since correcting work, timely found and elimination accident hidden; strictly review driving people practitioners qualification, on no practitioners qualification of driving people are return and on responsibility people for processing; organization driving people participate in security learning and training, regularly on belongs vehicles for hidden troubleshooting, perfect vehicles daily security checks and maintenance system, Implementation hand is responsible for vehicles security work, on vehicles for security checks and two level maintenance, and remember into vehicles technology archives; on bear one-way run mileage over 400 km (Highway direct passenger 600 km) tours task of tourism, and tours passenger vehicles, to equipped with two name above passenger driving people, and strictly law qualified daily driving time, implementation landing rest system, protection driving people rest of right; using satellite positioning monitoring platform, strengthening dynamic regulatory, Remind and correct tour of various kinds of violations, illegal drivers and urge enterprises to be education, stop or dismissal of the class. Police sector to monthly cleanup driving people of traffic illegal records, and score and road traffic accident information, inventory passenger vehicles late not participate in motor vehicle security technology test situation, urged enterprise and illegal driving people law accept punishment, law participate in motor vehicle security technology test, severe investigation driving people speed, and overcrowding, and fatigue driving, and driving qualification and by driving models inconsistent, and driving scrap vehicles or security can not meet national standards vehicles road driving, illegal problem. To rent a vehicle for a group of travel agencies in the tourism sector to check the situation, ensuring that law and Board rent a vehicle and sign a formal contract, clear security responsibilities.
in conjunction with the ongoing safety of road passenger transport enterprise management standards (for trial implementation) propaganda activities, further strengthening the supervision and tour passenger transport enterprises. Found in a check of enterprise does not meet the statutory requirements and corresponding licenses to be revoked as; fails to meet safe operating conditions, security management, there are significant safety concerns, according to the law to order the rectification, rectification is still substandard, to cancel the corresponding qualification.
three, and effective strengthening on tourism tours run full process of dynamic monitoring
tourism tours passenger enterprise to further implementation monitoring subject responsibility, by provides for belongs tourism bus installation meet standard (JT/T794-2011) of satellite positioning device, access meet standard (JT/T796-2011) of monitoring platform; developed and perfect satellite positioning device installation using provides, established dynamic monitoring Taiwan account; established monitoring system, equipped with full-time personnel monitoring belongs vehicles driving dynamic Full use of satellite positioning and monitoring platform, discover and correct according to the provisions of the road driving, speeding and other illegal acts, for all kinds of information to be retained on record and corresponding punishment for illegal drivers. Is not required to be installed onboard satellite positioning devices or not access to the major commercial vehicles at the national tour of networked control systems, will stop operating.
years before the end of June, and tour passenger transport enterprises to ensure that respective professional vehicle install a satellite positioning device and normal use, keeping the vehicle running online. Transportation, public security, tourism, safety supervision and management departments should strengthen information sharing, improving consolidated supervision. Device for intentionally blocking in-car satellite signals, the destruction of in-car satellite positioning devices chartered tourist passenger transport enterprise and drivers, as well as strict monitoring of vehicle dynamics of enterprises on duty personnel, and urge enterprises in accordance with the road tourist transportation safety management standards (for trial implementation) punishment shall be imposed.
four, further efforts to increase regulation of the tour around the
transportation, public security, tourism, safety supervision and management departments should work in accordance with their respective responsibilities, carefully organize, cooperate closely, pay special attention to the implementation of various work measures.
transport sector according to the region's tourist passenger transport market supply and demand conditions, strengthen tourist passenger transport capacity put on the regulation, strict access permission. The tour passenger transport enterprises should be strengthened and controls, and resolutely vehicles operating in the field for a long time, and both ends of the line are not included in national business such as location, and so on. Management of Standard Chartered tourist passenger signs, particularly to improve the eligibility of chartered passenger signs, issuing process, established chartered passenger signs issued provisions issued stamped blanks chartered passenger signs is strictly prohibited. Actively promote the chartered passenger sign online to apply for and issue.
public security departments should strictly tourist safety inspections of passenger vehicles, further regulating the traffic safety service stations setting and inspection procedures, to strengthen the tour especially cross-provincial tour registration check, license key check driver, regular vehicle inspection, vehicle the nuclear loading and driving the driver actually contains the number, time, tire wear and so on. To travel routes, high incidence of road traffic accidents in road and tourist traffic-intensive sections, increase the intensity of patrols controlled, strict check tour of overcrowding, speeding, fatigue driving, illegal overtaking, and traffic violations.
tourism management sector to strengthening on travel agency security supervision management, urged travel agency according to police, and traffic transport and tourism sector about road traffic, and tourism vehicles management of provides, from has operating qualification of tourism car company rental vehicles, strictly review tourism tours vehicles and driving people of qualification, select meet qualification conditions of vehicles and driving people; further strengthened tourism trip and line arrangements of security assessment; strengthening on travel agency and guide of security education training, Improve employee awareness of road traffic safety, clear the respective responsibilities of implementation oversight responsibilities on account of tour bus companies and drivers, travel agencies to take prompt, correct and reflect to the relevant departments in a timely manner through tips, still uncorrected corrected, to suspend its operations and to selected tourist automobile companies, re-rental of tourist passenger transport vehicles.
safety supervision and management departments should give full play to comprehensive regulatory role, and strengthen supervision of production safety. Tour passenger road traffic accidents occur, in accordance with the strict responsibility for the accident investigation, seriously investigate the relevant heads of enterprises, the Security Manager and the responsibilities of related departments.
five publicity and education, to further enhance travel security organizations to travel around the
driver traffic safety education in a face-to-face, by analyzing typical cases, analysis of the cause of the accident, urging passenger drivers comply with traffic laws and regulations, enhance driver awareness and road safety consciousness. Transportation departments urged the travel organization conducts a safety Manager in passenger and driver's education training, serious promotion of implementation of the safety management of road passenger transport enterprise specification (for trial implementation), on further strengthening the safety management of passenger and freight transport drivers views (public source for the word [2012]5) requirements, enhanced implementation of consciousness and initiative. During the renovation, all localities should make full use of newspapers, radio, television and other media about the safety knowledge of tourist travel, to the public in a timely manner the main tourist attractions of the traffic flow, traffic and weather information, travel tips, and create a good atmosphere of road safety campaigns. To further improve the traffic safety consciousness, multi-form, multi-channel and multi-faceted road safety campaigns to increase public awareness of safety, are determined not to overcrowding on the bus, for tourist passenger vehicles to monitor and report traffic violations.
six, focused supervision to road travel businesses across the
road traffic accidents in check, hold to carry out an inventory, to check the accident exposed the rectification of the problem without correction or rectification is not in place, ordered closed by law, after passing the overhaul in order to continue operating. Transportation, public security, tourism, security regulators for a joint working group, key areas, key enterprises and key tourism road, scenic, through carry, strengthen supervision and information communication, discover hidden campaign highlighted the problems in, overseeing the corrective settlement. During the renovation, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of public security, national tourism administration, the national State administration of work safety will send working groups to tour around the passenger special rectification situation to carry on. For non-implementation, troubleshooting, and poor management, will circulate throughout the country. BACK

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