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As the drunk driving punishment implementation and on January 1 this year in the history of the most strict regulations introduced,, Ordos city, the vast majority of drivers gradually developed a "drive don't drink, drink, don't drive," good habits. Chauffeur services as an emerging profession, increasingly accepted by the general public. Recently, this reporter interviews the following drivers, finds this career is not known on the other side.
safety comes first: a drink driver
15th, Mr Li dongsheng district of Pyongyang's restaurant to the Ordos Yasuyo car company calls, appointments for drivers. 21:50, Mr LEE and his wife over dinner with friends, to hand over the car keys to chauffeur driver Wang Ping. Reporters chatting with Mr LI that, is Li's birthday the same day, he invited a couple of friends. While drinking a glass of white wine, but Lee booking ahead chauffeur drivers. Mr LI's wife told reporters that did it for safety considerations, 50 bucks in lieu of driving and drinking is nothing compared to the punishment of detention. Chauffeur driver Wang Ping, told reporters that for several months, he has come across many of these owners, they found mainly to safety.
drunk: either money is common
16th 22 o'clock, in West Bay Northwest cuisine da Lei Dian, Yasuyo driving company Wang Lung pulls a job, took the car keys and I found that the owner was so drunk. On the way, reporters discovered that Wang long drive and still cried: "brother, don't fall asleep! "Impatient drivers remarks were owners, he snappily says:" brother, you raised (whole) I, right? "Wang Lung says, they are helpless, if the owner is asleep, they can't ask for directions, don't know where to send people, let alone money.
Wang Lung says, usually drunk who looked a lot like this, sometimes they struggle to get people home, but somebody else a Tao Dou Zi bei found no money, this trip would go.
do not want to wait: while booking more than one driver
17th, noon, Yasuyo driving company Wang Lung receives a telephone call, said the blue sea hotel was to chauffeur drivers. Hang up the phone, he was at top speed to the destination, but after a call, but said it had gone. It turned out that in order to find as soon as possible of the drivers, all customers will put it at the front desk of the hotel chauffeur company calls on the card get a pass, who first used, so few drivers are here.
Wang Lung says, running empty things often happen, there is a 12:30, he had gone to bed, a customer called to drivers, to the deal he had to get dressed to go out, and halfway house and phoned to say, not having gone. "The heart that mad, I really couldn't say. "Wang Lung says.
Wang Lung says, Summers said that in winter when it's cold, sometimes I don't want to come out, but in order to earn more money will bite out, is often wasted. Not to do the job and, in the winter the weather is cold, a lot of people don't want to eat out, coupled with most drives doesn't drink, so can have a business is not easy.
generation driving also spell car: Security save money two not errors
months 18th 21:20, dongsheng district well team crossroads near of maintop big bones Museum playing to phone appointment generation driving driver, Yow Yasuyo driving company of Wang Lung and Wang Ping with to has, because is old customer, so to playing has a discount, 30 block money, results car lire has 3 a people, a to to Ordos career school, another to China Institute middle school, most far of a to tiexi million are West. Sent a car, spent almost an hour, took up half the dongsheng city only got 30 pieces of silver. Wang told reporters, according to the provisions of the industry is driving a car 50 bucks, but now many people are about a man driving a car only needs a generation of drivers, these separate home. Send a car takes a lot of time, a lot of Lu, customers save money and security, turn to drivers who are not worth it. Offspring
reporter's notes
wine drive, is driven by a professional driver instead, drunk driver, even with the cart and sent home. Drunken chauffeur as a new profession has caused concern, drunken chauffeur service for drink drivers and friends provides a relatively safe choice, but also objectively promote the implementation of the national road traffic safety law.
chauffeur, is an emerging profession, is a relatively small industry investment, it also became the first choice for many unemployed or unemployed. Interview with reporter found that the survival of this industry is very difficult. As long as seven or eight o'clock in the evening, chauffeur driver early to guard the entrance to the hotel business, the freezing cold, they can only shrink in front of the hotel a neck stamped, to go in a minute to have good relations and security. Secondly, there is a "line", and the hotel front desk or security relationship, to the Commission, if generation of drivers who let these people in need to call them.

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