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Hefei chauffeur service company for a long time, and is registered by the Secretary for Commerce and industry, Hefei city company. Mainly provide long time driver, chauffeur in Hefei, Hefei in Hefei chauffeur company, Hefei Hefei, Hefei, car prices, car costs, car phone, Hefei normal wine offspring driving, chauffeur company, Hefei Hefei chauffeur, Hefei Hefei long-distance business driver, driver, auto services business.
company established yilai, has many excellent professional of generation driving Member, throughout Hefei of the big regional, generation driving member are age 30-50 age, by company survey no illegal crime records, actual driving age in 6 years above, familiar Hefei geographic and the various high-end car of driving, has good of service consciousness and excellent character, by company professional of training and the road test party can induction. Service by the chauffeur services practice and the service call back form to monitor the quality of chauffeur service.
the company has been adhering to safety first, customer-oriented service philosophy, always adhere to safe, punctual and comfortable service, 24 hours to provide a specification of chauffeur services. And learn from the mature driver services concept and management system combined with characteristics of the Chinese market and customer needs by creating, fully applicable in the domestic auto service mode in the driver market, fully guarantee the security of lives and property of the customer. Get universal recognition and support of our customers and community.

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